ASD Roadmap

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - 2008-11

Pennsylvania Act Early State Team

Act Early State Teams were created out of the Center for Disease Control's Learn the Signs Act Early initiative. State teams brought together different representatives from state agencies, higher education, hospitals, schools, early intervention programs, and advocacy groups to create a state-level plan to improve early identification of ASD and related conditions.  I initiated the creation of a state team for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, acting as co-leader  in partnership with Louise Kaczmarek of the University of Pittsburgh). I hosted the Act Early summit for Region 3 (including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia). I was subsequently invited to keynote the Act Early summit for Region 5 (including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) and to keynote the meeting of the Massachusetts Act Early State Team.

The Pennsylvania Autism Roadmap Grant

I was awarded a 2011 Learn the Signs State Systems Grant from Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP). The grant proposal was designed to lay the foundation for a more ambitious statewide initiative.  The proposal described several unique components that integrated services, training, research, and policy through the development of an active statewide coalition that included state agencies, universities, and advocacy groups.

(a) it includes a web-based directory of resources; (b) The directory is paired with a lyry of  I outlined how a website n unsuccessful

; the development of an online resource directory paired with an online roadmap to guide families specifically seeking key services (this design provided the foundati0n for the CAR Autism Roadmap


This grant was intended to seed the the first phase of a more comprehensive state program that combined an online resource directory and roadmap (what became the foundati0n for the CAR Autism Roadmap) with . a more ambitious p simpler version this I had proposed to explore to define connecting  that disseminating any kinf  resource center

for the CAR Autism Roadmap, more fully developed after my departure.


Act Early State Summits

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Georgina Peacock, Sue Lin, Jennifer Bogin, Cheryl Rhodes, and Rebecca B. Wolf. Learn the Signs. Act Early.: The Public Health Approach to the Early Identification of Children at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities. (2013). In  Autism Services Across America: Roadmaps for Improving State and National Education, Research, and Training Programs. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD

(2010). Thinking BIG about ASD: Developing Systems of Care to Improve Early Identification & Support. Keynote Addresses for Act Early Summits. Centers for Disease Control / Association of University Centers on Disabilities, in Indianapolis, IN and Boston, MA.