ASD Roadmap


ASD Roadmap

Founder and Director

Advocates and program/policy leaders who want to improve outcomes for people on the spectrum face difficult questions. How do you develop new programs of services or training that draw from the latest evidence-based practices? How do you ensure that these reach everyone regardless of income or background? How do you engage advocates instead of creating adversaries? How do you bridge differences between health, education, and other sectors? How do you coordinate new initiatives with policy changes at the state or national level?

My professional career has focused on designing and delivering programs that demonstrate how answer these kinds of questions.  I founded ASD Roadmap to offer more flexible solutions to these kinds of challenges, faced every day by service organizations, universities, state agencies, and other entities seeking to transform their services, training, and policies. 

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The logo is adapted from Joaquim Alves Gaspar's drawing of Pedro Reinel's compass rose.