ASD Roadmap

Delaware Autism Program - 1999-2008

Behavior Support

Key Elements

Standards for behavior support

Training and technical assistance

I developed and implemented comprehensive, grant-funded programs of training and technical assistance in Behavior support for DAP Psychologists and Behavior analysts statewide. Training included independent experts, case presentations, written standards, reviews of peer-reviewed research, and templates for critical documents. More than 25 staff members completed 18 hours of initial training, and 7-14 hours of annual updates between 2004 and 2008, and some subsequently presented relevant findings at a national conference. In addition, these behavior standards were incorporated into training provided to more than 65 teachers as part of master-level accreditation in ASD (described elsewhere), and presentations provided to more than 300 other staff and parents statewide as part of day-long workshops in ASD.  This program of training was partially supported by grant from the state Department of Education.

Independent Peer Review

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My Presentations and Publications

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