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Foundations Behavioral Health

Director of Autism Services

I was excited to have been recruited to join Foundations because of my efforts at DAP and CAR to help children with ASD in very serious and dangerous behavioral crises.  These crises were extremely difficult for the child, the family, and the professionals involved, and rarely seemed to result in a positive outcome.  At the same time, there was extensive research suggesting that the right behavioral techniques, combined with good medication management as needed, might help to rapidly resolve many of these crises.

Designing a new in-patient program that combined these behavioral techniques with existing resources at Foundations offered the opportunity to use research to close a critical gap between research and practice. I was eager to test some of the these evidence-based practices by integrating services, training, research, and policy in program design.

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Foundations Behavioral Health provides innovative behavioral health treatment and academic excellence to children, adolescents and young adults on a 12 acre campus in Bucks County, PA.  Foundations is part of Universal Health Services, the largest providers of facility-based behavioral health in the USA.

The logo is adapted from Joaquim Alves Gaspar's drawing of Pedro Reinel's compass rose.