ASD Roadmap

My Early Career in Montreal as a Clinical and Research Psychologist

In my first full-time position as a psychologist, I integrated clinical research and practice in new programs of services for preschoolers with ASD that I developed at a university-affiliated psychiatric institute.  I also began to explore how to scale up effective programming at the hospital- and the regional level through collaborative partnerships and policy.

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ASD Clinical and Research Services

I led the creation of an intensive, bilingual, multidisciplinary treatment program, and a parallel program of grant-funded research on early markers of autism.

Autism Screening using the CHAT

I initiated the first systematic implementation in Canada of the Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, the precursor to the M-CHAT.  I developed a training video and manual, parts of which were subsequently incorporated into formal  CHAT training guidelines.

Other Regional Collaborations

I served as Scientific Consultant to the Montreal Regional Health Board for their autism initiatives, helped to launch a university consortium focused on ASD, and co-supervised graduate students as an adjunct faculty of McGill University.

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