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Other Lessons Learned

Grey text on this website indicates a link to another relevant lesson learned from successful programs which I have led or provided consultation to, and from other programs that I have learned about.  These lessons that do not involve drawing straight lines from research to your practice or outlining simple steps to improve your program but that nonetheless describe other important considerations when developing programs that seek to close gaps in implementation.

Click on any of the lessons below for more information. You can also click here to learn more about how these and other lessons are designed to offer specific, concrete steps that help to guide you are now seeking to improve.

Translating research into effective community practice requires systematic planning and collaboration across researchers, practitioners, and agencies

Collaborative networks multiply the reach and impact of new service and training initiatives when they carefully draw on the strengths of each partner

Developing, improving and expanding services in a coordinated and sustainable way requires time, careful planning, expertise, and leadership

A public mandate to provide services fundamentally changes the nature and trajectory of a program's growth and impact

Long-term plans to expand competence or to increase overall capacity must include specific activities to cultivate new experts recruited within the organization

Exercise, enjoyment, and adventure are critical elements of a healthy lifestyle for people with disabilities

Create tiered professional development programs that tailor the content to the role and the expertise of different staff and different agencies

Design staffing models and professional development programs to ensure the desired treatment fidelity and treatment intensity

There is no natural pipeline to create new leaders with the training and experience needed to undertake comprehensive program development

Optimize the amount and type of staffing support needed by creating a schedule that carefully maps activities by intensity and expertise required

It is hard for parents to speak frankly about the extent of their child's disabilities, and their own concerns. It can be even harder for others to listen


Philanthropists can play a unique and essential role as  the funders of incubators and accelerators of new programs of community-based services


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