Stories about programs designed to help achieve better outcomes for people with ASD

Transition Pathways Proposal

A plan to use Collective Impact to incubate a multi-agency, ASD transition program

Program leaders seeking to improve existing services or develop new ones struggle to secure adequate funding, particularly in the current fiscal climate. This is especially true for those programs that seek to build coordination across multiple agencies or sectors, such as those that bridge the transition from high school to adulthood. In this context, universities are uniquely positioned to promote collaboration, and provide the research and training to drive program development, especially with the support of visionary donors.  The development of the Transition Pathways Proposal demonstrates how to do this.

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A funding proposal

In February 2016, the Life Course Outcomes Research program at the AJ Drexel Autism Institute announced the receipt of a $3.5 million gift to launch a 5-year Transition Pathways Initiative at Drexel.

Develop a proposal

A foundation invited Drexel to submit a proposal to serve young adults.  We quickly established goals related to employment, continuing education, community engagement, and independent living.

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